Social Media Marketing – IVF Centre

Vedansha Hospital


“Vedansha Hospital’ is one of the renowned IVF centers in Nagpur. The hospital offers infertility treatment and maternity services.


They wanted us to spread awareness about their test tube baby centre and maternity services, which was successfully carried out by running ads on Google and lead generation from website to gather patient’s enquiry.


The results obtained were reliable and worth our marketing efforts. Many people got aware of the IVF and willingly approached either by directly visiting to the centre or through phone calls.

Here are some of our creatives

5 steps of IVF

It is necessary for the patient to know about the steps to be followed while undergoing IVF process. So, we started off with a simple yet effective post-album- ‘5 Steps in IVF’.

World Health Day

As a part of health awareness campaign on World Health Day, we came up with the idea of ‘Let’s Check Your Health Status’ to engage with the readers.

Women's Day

Client wanted us to come up with creative posts that are women-centric. ‘Share and Celebrate’ is an album dedicated to all the women without whom we could not imagine our lives.

Myths and Facts

A misleading information can hold you back from taking necessary actions. Client wanted to make sure that no patient is under- or misinformed about IVF, Endometriosis and other related terminologies. So, we came up with this album ‘Myths and Facts’ to clear the clouds.

Endometriosis_Am I At Risk

Endometriosis is a major reason behind infertility of the women and a bigger concern during IVF process. As a part of awareness campaign, we came up with the album of posts ‘Endometriosis- Am I At Risk?’