Social Media Marketing – Food Industry

Bhojwani Food


Bhojwani’s is a famous brand for instant food products and spices with specialities in South Indian Idli and Upma. Serving from more than 10 years it has turned into a fastest growing food brand with promising quality and taste. 


Client’s aim was to become a contemporary food brand. Content around food that is witty and intelligent was to be created and shared on Social media.


Album garnered lot of eyeballs. Good Reach and share worthy content on WhatsApp too.

Independnece Day

During Independence Day, we thought of capturing the National spirit and came up with an album called “India Azad Hai- Par In Cheezo Se Kab Milegi Aazaadi”.

As we celebrate 70 years of India’s Independence, we the foodies feel it is high time we get “Azaadi” from these things! #FoodieRants #IndependenceDay2017

Auspicious Festivals and food

We love to celebrate festivals and festivals are boring without special dishes. ‘The Festival of Auspicious Beginnings & Awesome Food’ is one of the many creative albums that we created for our client.

Gudi Padwa is the festival which is celebrated in different states with different names but with the same joy and fervour! To celebrate this special occasion, people cook traditional food which makes the festival even more special. Here are some of the dishes which are very popularly cooked on this auspicious day! Try to keep your mouth from watering! #HappyGudiPadwa #AmazingPakwan #Food #Fun #Festivity #HealthyFood #HealthyLife #BhojwaniFoods

Customer engagement

To engage with our viewers and followers, we created customer engagement Q&A posts on spices, ‘Do You Know Your Masale?’

Masalas are not only used in food, but also in Muhavres! Let us look at few of them! #MasaledarMuhavre #BhojwaniFoods

Memories of Rainy Days and Food

Monsoon being the most lovable season of all foodies, we highlighted some seasonal mouth-watering foods and the moments of joy in an album- ‘Memories of Rainy Days and Food’.

Rainy Days also bring with it delicious foods and awesome memories related to it! Let us recall a few as we enjoy this great weather! #ChaiKiChuski #RainyDays #Monsoon

Bhojwani Instant Mixes

‘Wait No More’ is again an album specifically to promote the client’s product, ‘Bhojwani Instant Mixes’.

This is the era of Instant. We are an on-the-go generation! And so, we hate it when we have to wait. The Intezaar is unbearable. But in many such cases, we have no choice but to wait. Thanks to Bhojwani Foods Limited Instant Mixes, at least we don’t have to wait when we are famished! #InstantMixes are our all time saviors! #BhojwaniFoods #Instant #AbNoMoreWait

Healthy Colors, Healthy Life

Who had thought colors hold meaning when it comes to marketing of food? We made a series, ‘Healthy Colors, Healthy Life’ that received lot of appreciation from our customers and the client as well!

Colours are exciting, vibrant and healthy! Natural Colours in fruits and vegetables bring many benefits for our health! Let us look at a few of them! #HealthyColours #HealthyLife #BhojwaniFoods