Content Marketing – Educational Institutes



The Client “ICAD” is a huge player in the education space providing coaching to high school students in central India. They prepare high-school students for competitive entrance exams for engineering (IITJEE) and Medical sector. They have a business presence in Central India and wanted to have maximum reach during their admission season, with focus on content marketing.


ICAD is the best training institute for JEE, NEET and other scholarship exams in Nagpur. The client’s objective was to do content marketing and brand marketing for them over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


We ran Facebook ad campaigns on various events and received massive response from targeted as well as non-targeted audiences in and around Nagpur.

Exam Time Dilemma

We have followed a minimalistic creative approach in the album- ‘Exam Time Dilemma- Heart Vs Brain’ in order to do content marketing of our client.

It has happened with all of us. And with the exams going on now, it is sure to happen to with you all Students out there – The battle between your Heart and Brain during exams. The Dilemma. The Confusion. And we all know who wins at the end!

Take the right call

We came up with the album ‘Take the Right Call’ which emphasizes on the need of choosing a right training institute for a better career thus doing content marketing for ICAD.

Dear ICADians! Distractions are there all around us. But we need to focus on what’s important – our Goals. Hence, it is very important for us to ‘Take the Right Call’ and not trade off our Ambitions for some momentary joys. Prioritize your things. Take the right judgement. #IIT #ICAD #JEEMain2019 # #IITJEE #JEEPreparation #ICADNagpur

Event Invite

Event invitation instantly catches the eye of viewers, an effective way of marketing for the clients.

Get your all queries regarding JEE preparation solved with Interactive Session with ICAD Director, Sarang Upganlawar. #ICAD #JEEAdvanced #Topper #Nagpur #EntranceTest #IIT #JEEMain

What Matters the Most?

ICAD conducts its own entrance test for students. Client objective was to spread a word about exam and why one must register for it.

While selecting the right training institute for your IIT JEE/NEET preparation, What Matters the Most? Register now for Competitive Potential Assessment Test (CPA), The Scholarship and Entrance Test to get into the best training institute in central India ICAD! 7th April 2019 is the date! Call: 9823037090 or visit your nearest ICAD centre. Follow this link to register: #ICAD #JEE #NEET #Ifoundation #Institute #Teaching #Pedagogy #Registernow #Dream #Goals #Coaching #Students #JEEmain #JEEadvanced #Achievements #Entrance #JEEpreparation #Exams #Career #SSC #HSSC #Boards #Aspirants #Engineering #IIT #Nagpur